The Playwork Principles and Key Workers

Sunflower club follow the Playwork Principles and the Early Years Foundation Stage (which works alongside the Reception teachers for children 5 and under). These Principles help us to ensure we are providing the best possible opportunities to meet every individual child’s play needs, make friends, and have fun whilst learning about the environment and world around them. Our staff aim to support your children whilst they play freely, experience new things and follow their own interests in a fun, knowledgeable and safe environment.

Key Working

Children in Year 1 & 2 are collected by a member of Club staff from their classrooms. This gives the children an opportunity to form a strong relationship with this key person, talking about their day, in a relaxed and friendly way.

Following the requirements of The Early Years Foundation Stage Reception aged children will be allocated a Key Worker. Our keyworker policy aims to support all children particularly those attending more than one session a week. We will allocate and inform you about the staff member who will be your child’s keyworker during their first term. The Key Worker’s role is to support the child and give them reassurance, and help them to adjust to their time with us at Sunflower Club, be it when playing, interacting with friends or at the snack table. The keyworker will be aware of yours and your child’s needs, likes and dislikes. It gives you as parents an opportunity to speak to a member of our team about your child’s time at club. At Sunflower Club our keyworkers will keep some written information about your child. This will include some observations, their interests, and next step goals for development whilst most importantly highlighting their achievements and the things they enjoy doing at Club (we regularly take photographs for the children and you to see the sorts of things your child is enjoying at club!).