Snack Tea

We offer a healthy snack tea from 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm. We do not claim to offer an evening meal, but aim to provide something nutritious to keep them going until they get home.

We alternate a 2 week menu and details are displayed on our notice board. You will also find information regarding guidelines on Food Allergens.

Our healthy snacks on offer include: Pasta, noodles, pitta bread, toast, wraps, rice cakes, grated cheese, couscous, malt loaf, coleslaw, and a choice of up to 6 fruits and vegetables each day. Snack tea is a time when the children are encouraged with their table manners and social skills, they can have a snack tea with their friends whilst enjoying a relaxed and friendly time at the table. Children are given the opportunity to be involved by helping to  lay the table and pouring the drinks and are also invited to help staff with the food shopping at the local supermarket.

Example Menu

Breakfast Menu

Fruit and veg